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Anonymous: so you know some of herman's hermits? how did you mee tthem? or other famous artists o: curious idk if thats a dumb question

Not at all. I met people at a festival he was playing at. But it wasn’t until after the second time that I met him that we began talking. A lot. Soon we were getting coffee together and I was backstage at every show. Then two of my friends got Karl to come over to the US and I got to hangout with him a couple times. I met some pretty interesting people.
The Buckinghams.
John Kay and Steppenwolf
Sly and the family stone
Tommy James and the Seinfeld
mickey dolenz from the Monkees
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.
The list goes on

"Music should be like making love. Sometimes you want it soft and tender, another time you want it hard and aggressive"
-Jimmy Page (via letsreinventthegods)
Anonymous: what happened? if you don't mind me asking

I was very stupid.
I went through some shit and I guess it just overpowered my decision makings skills.
I let him down one too many times.
hell, I don’t blame him for not talking to me.

Anonymous: your friends with hermans hermits aren't you?

I was. I’m still good with the original bassist Karl Green, but the lead single, Peter Noone, will no longer talk to me. Which sucks because we were very close at one time… and I miss him dearly:\

Anonymous: top ten favorite bands. old not new

Herman’s Hermits
David Bowie
The Smiths
Led Zeppelin
The zombies
The knack
The who
Pink Floyd
The Beatles
The kinks
Not in order if course. If that were the case I would need a few months to figure it out.
An extra month to cry.
And then one more month to rewrite my list a couple dozen times.

Weird thought of the day

I feel weird being part of the classic rock fandom. I’ve actually hungout with some of the people I’ve posted. But then I think to myself “the music was awesome and the men are STILL sexy” and then I feel better.